Thornton can dangle, kid

The fuck? Where the shit did that come from? Dude your job is to crack skulls, not break ankles, yet Shawn Thornton manages to do both. Honestly I get way over-excited whenever Thornton scores. Like Marchand could get a hat-trick, do a backflip, and have sunglasses land on his face out of thin air, but if you have Thornton score a goal I’m gonna be talking about it like Peyton says “Omaha.” This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him pour on the danglesauce, either. I hope people remember this shifty shot (30 second mark):


P.S. You can’t really expect the Panthers to be able to stop any team’s 4th liner, really.  Whatever, they only helped the B’s score SIX goals for their THIRD game in a row.

Editor’s Note: 



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