The South is hopeless…


(photo credit reddit user: leefferickson11)

So for the past few day Georgia and Alabama have been getting shit on by less than a dick-length of snow, and naturally they’ve basically shut themselves down.  Pictures and video’s surfacing of people having to squat in stores in shit waiting for rescue.  Are you fuckin’ kidding me?  Where did that Southern Backwoods Survivor-man stereotype go?  Like it does get cold down there sometimes, only this time it precipitated a little, adapt to survive and whatnot.  The picture above is literally what the highways look like down there, except there’s parking lots on both sides of the median in real life.  I would hate to be someone from the north down there on business or something right now, I would get a brain aneurysm from just not being able to comprehend the driving incompetence.  I’ll give em that they are absolutely never prepared for this kind of weather, nor do they have the right road equipment, but Jesus Christ.  Like how does a whole commute fuck up that badly, doesn’t nearly get that bad when some road working truck’s fat ass decides to block up 95 all hours of everyday.  You just trudge along slowly and look for your openings.  So do you know what I see when I see all these abandoned cars in the south?  A bunch of quitters.  Driving is a game, and Southerners just have no desire to win.


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