Lightning Goalie Ben Bishop fights scumbag Habs player Prust

Always nice to see Habs players act like shit heads, it really reminds you why you hate them to begin with. To tell you the truth I’ve kinda been lacking with my Montreal hatred lately. Thursday’s B’s game against them was the least excited I’ve been for this rivalry in as long as I can remember. It’s just not as fun when the B’s are dominating them year in and year out without much of a fight. At this point I feel like I’d rather watch the Penguins or Canucks play us. That’s why we should enjoy moments like this that really put the Habs in a category of their own.

PS: I was slightly disappointed that this didn’t develop into a real goalie-player fight. Feel like I haven’t seen one in forever. A dick stab and helmet boxing match just isn’t the same.


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