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Johnny Depp to play Whitey Bulger in new movie “Black Mass”


Let me tell you why this is awesome. It’s not because Depp is a good actor with plenty of similar roles and can handle this in the right way (and even kinda looks like Bulger). It’s because the news isn’t “Ben Affleck to play Whitey Bulger.” Even Matt Damon would be kinda weak. I mean, he already basically played his protege in “The Departed.” So this is pretty good news seeing as Whitey Bulger’s saga is about as close to a real life Godfather as you can get… Oh wait…. FUCK!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 4.26.59 PM

Seriously guys? Can you please take some time and focus on something people actually want to see? I’m still waiting on the release of Good Will Hunting 2:

Applesauce, bitch.


8 potential reasons why you’re not watching True Detective


I needed to get this off my chest after last nights episode: if you aren’t watching this show I don’t want to know you as a person.

Reasons why (you’re wrong and) aren’t watching True Detective:

  1. You don’t have HBO (and have never heard of the internet)
  2. You’re a mindless drone
  3. You say you don’t have any time to watch TV shows and also lie to people
  4. You still watch The Walking Dead on Sundays (See #2)
  5. You fear change
  6. You eat paint chips (See #4)
  7. You weren’t aware Alexandra Daddario shows her tits in it
  8. You weren’t aware Matthew McConnaghey* shows his tits in it

*I’m not looking up how to spell his name because I’m pretty sure no one knows.

Slingtown edit: I know that half of these reasons are directed at me, dude

I can finally say that I am an American Citizen


I’m not talking about “I’m from another country” I’m talking about last night I started watching 24 for the first time. This was triggered from seeing the trailers for the new season during the super bowl, shit gave me goosebumps.  It’s a show i’ve always wanted to watch, but didn’t want to jump in in the middle of the series.  Then on the 8th day the lord gave us Netflix and I’ve binged for 4 hours last night, which speaks volumes about how good the show is because I never watch more than 2 episodes of anything on Netflix (I’m sure 90% of people reading this have seen it already and are like “Yeah, we know it’s good, asshole”).  I feel ashamed for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, (like me a week ago), you should be sent to Guantanamo Bay for some “rehabilitation”.

Don’s Note: Wait watching four hours of something on Netflix is considered a lot? Asking for a friend.