What’s good people?

Let me introduce myself, I’m The Don’s cousin and somewhat of an asshole.  Living in the Greater Boston Area for 21 years will do that to you.   Hockey, football, and video games are what carry me through the day, and I’ve lazily quit and restarted battled with tobacco use for a while now.  I don’t have a problem with weed, just with some of the mongoloids who smoke it.  Which is funny because I also have a problem with those who talk down to me for drinking so much, as if your life is so much more fulfilling than mine…

How to get an Internship Using Social Media

I made this video to apply for an internship at an Advertising Agency in Boston after speaking with them on twitter (here’s a full description of the exchange). It worked. Hopefully my next video will be “How to use social media to get an internship and have it turn into a job after it’s over.” Because this one didn’t work for that.

PS: The Ryan Gosling joke was in reference to bad acting, not looks.

Where to shove a college degree