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Thursday Night Football Recap: Patriots vs Jets



The Patriots came firing right out of the gate with the perfect playcall on a deep pass to Vereen (aka the Jets forgot to cover him)


Then everyone remembered Thursday games are a joke and there were 3 straight field goals. It was really boring so instead of recapping that I’m just gonna put this gif of Rex Ryan when the acid kicked in:


Alright, back to the action with a vicious blindside hit



And an equally vicious hit on Brady


Jets have a chance to go ahead late in the game and decide it’s time to unleash Mike Vick


Because why use one mediocre QB when you can use two?

Then we got Tommy Kaepernick throwing to Amendola for a ridiculous catch


The Jets came back and ended up taking the lead for good with a miraculous last minute field goal (Just kidding, they’re the Jets so it was blocked)


Rex Ryan Reaction


Bill Belichick Reaction


Robert Kraft: Silky Smooth


Final: Patriots 27 vs Jets 25




Johnny Depp to play Whitey Bulger in new movie “Black Mass”


Let me tell you why this is awesome. It’s not because Depp is a good actor with plenty of similar roles and can handle this in the right way (and even kinda looks like Bulger). It’s because the news isn’t “Ben Affleck to play Whitey Bulger.” Even Matt Damon would be kinda weak. I mean, he already basically played his protege in “The Departed.” So this is pretty good news seeing as Whitey Bulger’s saga is about as close to a real life Godfather as you can get… Oh wait…. FUCK!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 4.26.59 PM

Seriously guys? Can you please take some time and focus on something people actually want to see? I’m still waiting on the release of Good Will Hunting 2:

Applesauce, bitch.

B’s vs Canucks tonight: cherish it dearly

Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks at TD Garden

There’s no football for eight months, I’ve been slowly realizing this over the past few days. This is statistically the most depressing part of the year*, as darkness befalls America and we are left trembling in front of an unsurmountable wall of 8 months without the NFL. But this is what we all need to get out of the funk. This game is something that is rarely seen in professional sports today: two teams that by all accounts absolutely DESPISE each other. There’s no mutual respect. There will be no friendly acts of sportsmanship during the game, nor handshakes after. I know it’s a cliche but Old Time hockey will be alive and well tonight. The fact that these two teams only play twice a year acts as a catalyst for the hatred. The series in 2011 is still entrenched in the mind of both cities: in Boston because of the sheer joy it brought, and in Vancouver for the disappointment and utter destruction of the city. Maybe a few years down the line when certain players leave teams these games will go back to just being another inter-conference regular season game. But for now they are about as intense as a regular season game can possibly be. So whether you’re from Boston or Vancouver or just a hockey fan in general, enjoy it. It could be decades before we get to see something like this again.

Oh and if you’re from Vancouver then fuck you.

*Statistic may not be true

Lightning Goalie Ben Bishop fights scumbag Habs player Prust

Always nice to see Habs players act like shit heads, it really reminds you why you hate them to begin with. To tell you the truth I’ve kinda been lacking with my Montreal hatred lately. Thursday’s B’s game against them was the least excited I’ve been for this rivalry in as long as I can remember. It’s just not as fun when the B’s are dominating them year in and year out without much of a fight. At this point I feel like I’d rather watch the Penguins or Canucks play us. That’s why we should enjoy moments like this that really put the Habs in a category of their own.

PS: I was slightly disappointed that this didn’t develop into a real goalie-player fight. Feel like I haven’t seen one in forever. A dick stab and helmet boxing match just isn’t the same.