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USA vs RUS Recap: Bring on Canada



Common sense says not to overreact to what we just saw. There was a lot of bounces that could have gone against the US, and a 7-1 thrashing of an inferior opponent and a shaky shootout victory should be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, fuck all that noise, we’re the team to beat and everyone just witnessed why. There was so much criticism of this team and the notable snubs were at the forefront of that. However, the GMs claimed they weren’t looking for the best players, they wanted the right players* (or that could be from¬†Miracle, whatever). The Russians were quite possibly the best team in this tourney (most people picked them or Canada) but we kept up with them the entire game. And TJ Oshie. My God. Was this kid born without nerves or something? Every time he went out he had the most painfully slow approach I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure the Berlin Wall could have fallen twice by the time the puck hit the back of the net. With this performance Oshie has already achieved Ryan Miller circa 2010 status for these olympics.

But enough about Oshie, how about J-Quick going toe-to-toe with possibly the two best shooters in the game in Datsuyuk and Kovalchuk? He made some near impossible stops during this game but none better than this one on Malkin:



But you know when the game was really won? Right here:


That is the picture that will haunt the dreams of these Russians for the rest of the tournament. The net was a millimeter off because of shoddy Soviet nets and the fact that God hates Communism. That’s why all the other countries should be shaking in their boots, because America clearly has manifest destiny to win this tournament. I guess that’s what you get when you’re the best at everything.

Final score:

Freedom: 3. Rest of the World: No fucking chance.

*Blake Wheeler still sucks though